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Natural BBQ charcoals and
smoking woods

Sustainable warmth that lasts

Superior firewood
for your home

Carbon Gro Compost

Peat Free, enriched with carbon
capturing Biochar

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  • Wood Burner Bundle

    Everything you need to make the perfect fire for your wood burner or fireplace.

    Bundle Contains :
    Wood Burner Dry Logs (5 nets)
    Kindling Wood Sticks (1 net)
    Organic Firelighters (32 lighters)

    In Stock


  • Pizza & Fire Pit Bundle

    Aroma filled Cooking firewood hardwood logs perfect for Pizza ovens and fire-pits.

    Bundle Contains :
    Cooking Firewood Logs (5 nets)
    Kindling Wood Sticks (1 net)
    Organic Firelighters (32 lighters)

    In Stock


  • BBQ Smoking Bundle

    Fire up your BBQ with long burning searing heat and smoky flavours.

    Bundle contains:
    Premium Gourmet Lumpwood (2 Bags)
    Olive Wood Smokin' Chunks 5L
    Oak Brandy Smokin' Chips 3L
    Kindling Wood Sticks (1 Net)
    Organic Firelighters (32 Lighters)

    In Stock


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Premier-quality products for restaurants, casual BBQs, events, parties and campfires


About Us

Firewood is where it all started for us. At Green Olive Firewood, we bring you natural fuels for your home fire, chiminea, fire pit, pizza ovens, BBQ and smokers. All our fuel is sustainably sourced; we believe that the cooking and heating experience is one you should enjoy responsibly.

The core values across our products and business are natural, sustainable, ethical, premium quality and local wherever possible.


Our Products

We stock a wide range of Firewood and charcoal products, from a couple of bags of natural lumpwood charcoal for the weekend BBQ cookout and enough firewood to see you warm all winter.

We understand that the choice of products on the market can be overwhelming but be assured that all our products are of the highest quality to guarantee the best fire around!

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