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Cooking Firewood Logs

Mixed Flavoursome Hardwoods for Perfect Outdoor Fires & Cooking
  • Sussex dried hardwood & olive wood
  • Natural sweet smoky flavours for BBQs & Smokin'
  • Our standard net bags 0.027m3 loose / 0.018m3 stacked volume.
  • The 1.12m3 loose volume is supplied as 4 barrow bags
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Natural Kiln-Dried Firewood Logs For Home Cooking & Grills

If you're eager to transform your outdoor kitchen into a flavour-packed wonderland, you're in for a treat with our kiln-dried BBQ firewood logs. Our all-natural log mix will set your pizza oven, barbecue smoker, or firepit ablaze with mesmerising smoky tastes and tantalising aromas that will send your taste buds into a frenzy.Our kiln-dried logs for cooking boast a sublime blend of robust hardwoods such as birch, beech, oak, and hornbeam, as well as our exclusive olive firewood that promises to take your culinary creations to the next level.Get unparalleled and consistent heat for your BBQs, kitchens, and restaurants with our organic firewood logs. Sourced from UK-based sustainable woodlands, our hand-picked firewood lets you cook, grill, and smoke guilt-free with strict planting and felling policies.

Why You’ll Love Our Premium Kiln Dried Firewood Chunks For Cooking

Transform your home or restaurant cooking experience with 100% natural cooking firewood logs that don't break the bank. The Green Olive Firewood Company offers kiln-dried hardwood logs for cooking that will bring back the excitement of cooking with flames!Indulge in the ultimate wood-fired cooking experience with our carefully crafted cooking wood. Combining locally sourced, kiln-dried hardwoods with our natural charcoals, it's perfect for pizza ovens, BBQs, firepits, and outdoor fireplaces. We use a rigorous hand-packing technique to ensure only the densest, highest-quality logs make it to our customers. The result? Delicate, sweet, and smoky flavours and aromas that'll elevate your grilled meats and veggies to new heights!So what are you waiting for? Fire up your oven or grill, grab some natural firewood logs and get cooking! And if that wasn’t enough let's look explore more reasons to love our firewood BBQ logs:
  • Toxic free
  • Strong, consistent heat 
  • Registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)
  • Affordable kiln-dried logs that are sustainable 
  • Ethically sourced in the UK 
  • Long-burning hardwood mix 
  • Minimal moisture - below 20% for optimal ignition conditions
  • minimal smoke & soot emission
  • Hand cut to various sizes
  • Enhanced smoky food flavouring
  • Clean & renewable energy sources for homes & businesses
  • Sustainable kiln drying methods
  • Ideal for cooking, smokin’ and grilling
  • Great logs for outdoor fireplaces & fire-pits
  • Original wood fire cooking

Kiln Dried Cooking Wood Logs For A Positive Environmental Impact

Our cooking firewood logs are sustainable and responsibly sourced. We take pride in providing our customers with natural fire-starting tools that are free of harmful chemicals and toxins.Our mission is to help reduce our customers' carbon footprint while enjoying the thrills of grilling and cooking with fires. That's why our dried cooking wood logs are:
  • Packed using reusable net bags
  • Dry and ready to use

Shipping & Storage Details For Our Cooking Firewood Logs

Our shipping is fast and efficient, with all hardwood logs for cooking being packed in ultra-convenient net bags. Each standard net bag is filled with the equivalent of 0.027㎥ of loose hardwood and approximately 0.018㎥ once stacked. Ensure to store all hardwood logs for grilling in a cool dry place where possible and elevated above the floor to prevent moisture and the build-up of pests like woodlice.

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