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open fireplace using firewood to keep home warm

Reasons Why Your Firewood Won’t Stay Lit

You’re all set for a cosy night by the fire, but the firewood in the fireplace refuses to light! Firewood that turns black and refuses to burn is a vexing problem, especially if it occurs regularly. So, what is the primary reason for a fire not lighting?   Are you Choosing the Right Firewood? Aside […]

group of friends throwing a BBQ party

Checklist for Planning Your BBQ Party

Spring is here and the sun is starting to shine again and we all know what that means, it’s BBQ party time! Whether you’re planning on celebrating the start of spring with a big BBQ party or just a small cookout with the family, there are a few essential things you won’t want to forget. […]

BBQ beginner learning how to use charcoal

How to Use a Charcoal BBQ

If you are a beginner at using a BBQ, you might find the process a little bit intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be if you know where to start. Our BBQ experts have put together a quick guide on how to get your BBQ going. Here you will learn how to use a charcoal […]

gardener using wood ash to grow plants

Uses for Wood Ash in Your Home or Garden

Back in the good old days we only had our fireplaces to help heat our homes, and the cleaning out of wood ash from the hearth was a daily task. Nowadays, after spending the evening sitting by a cosy open fireplace, we can collect and clean the wood ash at our own pace. But did […]

charcoal in production

How is Charcoal Made from Wood?

On the surface, charcoal appears to be a pretty basic product. However, it has been used for centuries for a large range of purposes: cooking, medicine, art and even makeup. Nowadays when we think of charcoal we immediately think of our barbecues and the wonderful food we can produce with it. But have you ever […]

piles of softwood in log yard ready to go

Is Softwood or Hardwood Better?

When comparing softwood and hardwood, it is important to consider that all firewood is different. Each firewood serves its purpose and has its benefits. With the great outdoors coming back into fashion, it is crucial to consider our effect on the environment and choose ethical and sustainable sources for our firewood.    Hardwood One of […]

pizza oven using kindling wood sticks to burn and cook pizza

How to Light a Pizza Oven with Kindling Wood

Are you thinking of investing in a pizza oven for your garden this year? Our Kindling Wood Sticks could be the answer you are looking for on where to start. Outdoor pizza ovens are extremely popular now, offering restaurant-quality from the comfort of your own home. However, one of the recurring setbacks to getting a […]

briquettes charcoal burning on a bbq

Differences between Lumpwood Charcoal vs Briquettes

One of the biggest questions you may ask yourself this summer is what  charcoal you should be putting on your BBQ, lumpwood charcoal or briquettes? Both charcoals have their place in the world of barbecuing for different reasons. In this article we will go through their differences and which charcoal will suit your needs the […]

charcoal BBQ cooking delicious food on BBQ grill

Why You Should Buy a Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQs are the perfect option for BBQ beginners or experts by being affordable, versatile and giving the best taste and experience. BBQs rely on hot charcoal to make sure your food is fully cooked and mouth-watering with a great smell and taste.    Made for reliability and versatility, a BBQ is a must-have for […]

wood burner saving money on electric by using firewood

Cut Your Electric Bill Down with Firewood

When considering the best way to heat your home, there is no doubt that cost plays an important role. Especially with electric prices on the rise. If you are considering making the big switch to an open fireplace or wood burner in your home, you may be wondering whether burning firewood will save you money?  […]

stacked kiln dried logs for firewood

Why Use Kiln Dried Logs?

If you are someone who uses firewood daily, then you have probably heard of kiln-dried logs. There are many benefits to using kiln-dried wood for cooking, camping and heating purposes. So, if you are trying to find the best quality firewood for your fireplace or next camping trip, then here are just some of the […]

bqq wood chips flavours

How to use Our Wood Chips on Your BBQ

Why not try something new this year with our Smokin’ Wood Chip range? Smoking meat brings back the fun of cooking outdoors, giving you a variety of flavours. With this article, we aim to give you all the information you need to start your smokin’ adventure, ready in time for summer.   Smoking meat is […]

firewood burner stove in modern room

Should I Buy a Firewood Burning Stove?

In current years firewood burning stoves have become increasingly popular. With energy costs on the rise, people are trying to find more ways to cut the costs of heating their homes. Not only are burners great for your pocket, but they also make a great feature for your home.   However, choosing to purchase a […]

swedish torch in snow providing natural heat

What is a Swedish Torch?

The Swedish torch first came into existence thanks to soldiers in the 17th century during their 30-year war. Firewood was in short supply, meaning soldiers had to be creative with conserving wood and supplying heat and light.    The hole at the top of the firewood has a firelighter in, and when lit, creates an […]

lumpwood charcoal on winter BBQ with steak

How to use Lumpwood Charcoal all Year Long?

The nights are dark, and the days are cold. But why should you give up on having a BBQ in winter? Just because the season has changed, it doesn’t mean you cannot host a warming winter BBQ using our premium restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal to warm up your nearest and dearest.    Though Christmas is […]

ethically sourced open fireplace easy to make

How to Build an Ethically Sourced Fire

A crackling fire can warm your body and soul, but an ethically sourced fire can also help save the planet!    We now find ourselves living in a world of gas furnaces and electricity, which takes its toll on the environment for the benefit of being cost-effective. However, with our natural fuel sources, the modern-day […]