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Carbon Gro Multi-purpose Compost

Carbon Capturing Compost
100% Peat FreeBiochar Enriched Green CompostCarbon CapturingMoisture Control & Slow nutrient releaseGrows big healthy plants
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Plants & PlanetCarbon Gro multi-purpose compost is 100% peat free - the perfect planting medium to grow your plants big and healthy. It can be used in your garden in borders, pots, containers and for houseplants too.  We use the best screened green compost, full of natural nutrients, we then blend in our carbon capturing biochar.  Biochar also holds onto water and nutrients which are released to plants as they are growing. Planet RegenerationBiochar is a natural carbon storing element, a by-product of our own charcoal manufacturing and offsets the use of peat.  Biochar stores carbon in the ground not only offsetting carbon in the atmosphere for every 1kg of Biomass Biochar saves around 4kg of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Biochar also offsets the use of peat (a fossil fuel which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when harvested) so, Biochar is positive for the planet as well as for your plants.  Soil ImproverOur carbon capturing compost also improves soil structure and allows it to drain freely. The healthier our plants the more they store carbon in the ground too, whilst releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The open soil structure Biochar creates also allows beneficial microorganisms to thrive in the soil.Ready to UseOur compost is all natural, however we always recommend wearing gardening gloves and the use of appropriate gardening tools when filling pots, containers, planting holes, digging or raking over as a soil improver or top dressing. We always recommend you wash your hands after use too.

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