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Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Ready to Burn Hardwoods Logs; Kiln Dried Below 20% Moisture
  • From sustainable managed woodlands
  • Hand cut hardwood logs to 25cm lengths
  • Certified Ready to Burn below 20% moisture
  • Our log boxes contain around 8-12 logs
  • 1 barrow bag contains around 90-110 logs
  • Dumpy bulk bag contains around 230-290 logs (Pallet Delivery)
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Choosing the perfect firewood for your home has never been easier. With Green Olive Firewood, you can create an attractive fireplace with a bright, enduring burn and enticing scent. Made using high-quality timber from sustainably managed forests and kiln-dried for minimal moisture, these Ready-to-Burn certified hardwood logs let you enjoy hotter, cleaner flames with less ash and smoke.

Why You’ll Love Our Hardwood Logs

There are many benefits to buying a bag of kiln-dried hardwood logs from Green Olive Firewood. Whether you want to ignite your open fireplace or heat your wood-burning stove, these hand-cut hardwood logs will provide you with an efficient, long-lasting burn.Plus, using firewood is an excellent way to become energy-independent and take control of your household costs. So, what else is there to love?
  • Sustainably sourced from managed woodlands
  • Hand-cut to 25cm lengths
  • Slowly kiln-dried to achieve moisture below 20%
  • Convenient and ready to use
  • Indoor-friendly
  • Certified Ready to Burn
  • Available in various quantities
  • Easy-to-handle packaging
  • Best burning results with minimal soot and smoke
  • A cost-effective way to heat your home
  • Perfect for chimineas, pizza ovens, wood burners & campfires

Our Planet-Friendly Fire Logs 

Choosing sustainable firewood from Green Olive Firewood is a surefire way to reduce your carbon footprint. Our kiln-dried hardwood logs are:
  • Packaged in recyclable boxes and barrow bags
  • Ethically sourced from exclusively managed woodlands with replanting policies
  • Kiln-dried with renewable wood fuel; offsetting the use of harmful fossil fuels
  • 100% sustainable firewood

Hardwood Logs Shipping Information

Our log boxes are the equivalent of 0.030m3 loose volume or 0,020m3 (20L) once stacked and contain around 8-12 logs. The 1.12m3 loose volume is delivered in 4 barrow bags.  Each barrow bag is 0.28m³ volume and contains around 90-110 logs. The Dumpy bulk bag of logs contains around 250-300 kiln dried logsBarrow bags are a convenient and manageable way to move your logs around your property using a sack truck or a wheelbarrow. They fit through doorways, garden gates, and down the side of alleyways allowing them to be positioned adjacent to your log storage area.

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