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Wood Wool Firelighters

24 firelighters per box
  • Chemical Free BBQ Cooking
  • Natural Odourless
  • Use for home fires and charcoal BBQ's
  • 24 firelighters per box
  • 10-15 minutes burn time
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Wood Wool Firelighters

Looking for a natural and sustainable way to fire up your BBQ? Thanks to our toxic-free firelighters, you can quickly warm up your home or ignite an outdoor fire without worrying about nasty chemicals. Clean and safe, our natural firelighters give you extra confidence when handling them around children and pets. Plus, with up to 15 minutes of burn time, you can light any appliance in one simple step. 

Why You’ll Love Our Wood Wool Firelighters

If you want a cleaner, more sustainable life, swapping gas for natural fuels like wood and coal is the best move. Luckily, here at Green Olive Firewood, we stock some of the best natural firelighters for fireplaces and BBQs. So, get ready to quickly and efficiently heat your home and cook your favourite food on the grill with our odourless, long-burning wood wool firelighters. Unlike traditional firelighters, ours have no smell, so they won’t alter the taste of your food when cooking. Save money and contribute to a cleaner environment. For example, adding some natural kindling to your kit can save up to 10% on your energy costs. Not only that, but our wood wool firelighters are:
  • Made from all-natural wood wool shavings & wax
  • Easy, clean and safe to use
  • Naturally odourless
  • 100% chemical-free
  • 24 firelighter box
  • Instant firestarters
  • Ideal for firing up BBQs
  • The fastest way to ignite log burners & fireplaces
  • Up to 15 minutes of burn time
  • Sustainably sourced & produced in the UK
  • Planet-friendly
  • Convenient-to-store
  • Affordable & efficient
  • Cut energy costs

Try Our Planet-Friendly Firelighters for Sustainable Heat

Green Olive Firewood is on a mission to change how we heat our homes and cook our food. So whether you’re ready to switch from gas to solid fuel or want a hybrid of both, you need the best sustainable firewood and firelighters to get started. Luckily, we have everything you need to heat your home.Our eco-friendly firelighters are:
  • Toxic-free
  • Made from all-natural materials like wood wool & wax
  • Odour-free & safe to use with food
  • Safe to use indoors around children & pets

Shipping Information

You’ll receive fast, free shipping on orders over £150 to most areas in the UK. Speak with our friendly team here to discuss your order and receive advice on the best firewood and kindling for your home. 

How to Store Your Wood Wool Firelighters

It’s essential to keep your eco-friendly firelighters away from open flames as they’re highly flammable. Keep them in a secure firelighter box away from heat, water and dampness. For more information on how to use natural firelighters and how to store them, here.

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