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Natural Lumpwood Charcoal

High Heat Grilling Charcoal for the Home Cook
  • Sustainable hardwoods such as birch & beech
  • Range of lump sizes – 2-7cm
  • High heat & decent burn times (2hr+)
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Natural Lumpwood Charcoal

Natural Lumpwood Charcoal comes from sustainable, ethically sourced wood. The wood is burned to produce fantastic cooking charcoal. We provide charcoal pieces in the bag that range in size from 2cm to 7cm, allowing them to be used on a home BBQ or a high-heat grill. We combine different varieties of hardwood to produce the smoky BBQ enticing aroma and intense heat.As part of our commitment to quality and accountability throughout our supply chain, we provide you with the best lumpwood and briquette charcoal in the UK. 

Birch vs. Beech

There is something special about Beech charcoal. This dense, long-burning fuel gives off a sweet, clear smoky taste. You can use this for fish, chicken, and other foods. There is something truly beautiful about Birch charcoal - with a mirror-like finish and a subtle sweetness, it has a mineral flavour profile. Our Natural Lumpwood Charcoal is made using a combination of woods, similar to birch and beech, so you can achieve both of these tastes for your food using only one product. 

Suppliers with Sustainable Practices

Unless otherwise specified, all of our wood comes from certified sustainable woodlands or wood biomass from wood industries like the vineyards of Rioja in Spain, where we use old oak barrels for our range of brandy and whiskey chunks and chips.

Cooking Supplies for The Entire Family

We have a variety of cooking supplies to choose from including natural charcoals for the home enthusiast, and novice cook. Our BBQ charcoals are great for adding a fragrant smoky flavour to your food, and a toasty, cosy ambiance.For your next backyard BBQ or camping trip, we offer different package sizes. No matter your skill level or the size of your grill, our wood will lift your grilling game and impress your guests.To add more flavour to your food, we also offer a variety of Charcoal products to meet every customer's needs.To stay up to date with everything we do, follow us on Instagram.

Weight vs. Volume

As with our firewood, British charcoal is sold by volume rather than weight. The char-coaling process has removed the heavy water content in the wood, making our British charcoal lightweight.  Our charcoal retorts are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, which means we produce pure charcoal. The same volume of charcoal may weigh more if it contains moisture, accelerators, binders, or partially burned wood. 

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