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Whiskey Oak BBQ Smoking Plank

It's all about the flavour
  • Whiskey Infused Oak Barrel BBQ Plank
  • Simply Soak, Heat & Smoke
  • Use for Fish, Meat or Veggies
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Everything You Need to know about our Whiskey BBQ Planks:

Our BBQ planks are repurposed from the staves of damaged or retired oak barrels from the distilleries in Europe.  When emptying the barrels the oak remains infused by the fragrance and aroma of the spirit.  They are perfect to soak, smoke and infuse fabulous flavours onto your BBQ food.Soak the plank for a minimum of 30 minutes, then place it on the BBQ cooking grill over direct heat to slightly warm.  You can then place the seasoned meat or fish on top of the plank & smoke away over indirect heat, ideally with the lid down.  A whiskey's subtle smoked aroma will be imparted onto your grilled food as it’s all about the flavour. Learn more about how to use our Smokin’ products, visit our news page for helpful tips.  To stay up to date with everything we do, follow us on Instagram. 

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