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Garden Woodchip

  • Hardwood & softwood wood chips approximately 5-35mm in size, although there might be some larger chips.
  • Free draining but also help to retain moisture in the soil.
  • Decorative layer to suppress weeds around plants, trees, or borders.
  • Wood chips can be applied directly onto bare soil to create paths.
  • A natural alternative to hardcore or chalk in gateways or heavy traffic areas during wet periods.
  • Supplied in a 900L bulk bag on a pallet.
Sub Total (Incl. VAT): £174.99

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Our bulk bags of wood chip are perfect for pathways, gardens, and chicken runs. Unlike other decorative barks and surface coverings, wood chip offers a great balance between appearance, durability, and economy. It is produced from a mix of hardwood and softwood, with chips ranging from approximately 5-35mm in size. This highly durable and cost-effective surface covering is both very free draining and helps retain moisture in the soil, making it ideal for various applications.Wood chip can be used as a decorative weed suppressing layer around plants, trees, or in borders. It can also be applied directly onto bare earth to create paths. In addition, it serves as a natural alternative to hardcore or chalk in gateways or heavy traffic areas during wet periods. For pathways, we recommend a depth of 100mm, while for beds and borders, less is required but an even coverage is necessary to achieve effective weed suppression.Our wood chip is 100% British and supplied in 900 litre bulk bags. It offers numerous benefits, including the suppression of weed growth and conservation of soil moisture. As a robust surface covering, it breaks down more slowly than mulch or bark, ensuring long-lasting results. Over time, the wood chip will naturally breakdown and add valuable organic matter and nutrients to your soil. Not only does it enhance the appearance of new and existing beds and borders, but it is also environmentally friendly, peat and compost free, and easy to apply.Furthermore, our 900 litre bulk bag is not only convenient for delivery but also reusable. Once your bag of woodland garden mulch is empty, it can become a very useful bag for green cuttings and garden waste. For more information on delivery details and guidance for a successful delivery, please refer to the delivery tab on our website. 

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