Sustainable Firewood



Using wood fuel has been around for centuries, and now you can enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly way to heat your home. So if you want a sustainable and cost-effective way to burn fire, try our premium-grade olive wood for fireplaces and outdoor fires.

Made from Mediterranean olive wood and sustainably sourced oak, beech and hornbeam, each log is kiln-dried to ensure moisture levels are below 20%. This gives the firewood an immaculate, longer-lasting burn with vibrant-coloured flames.

Certified ready to burn, our firewood kindling is safe and efficient, giving you confidence with every burn.


A fireplace is a perfect way to enhance your home. The central focus of any room, you can gather around on a cold evening with loved ones and enjoy a warm, attractive and aromatic fire. In fact, we use the best logs to burn for a beautifully-scented fireplace, like beech, oak and olive wood.

Our olive wood logs are ethically sourced from leftover biomass during the Mediterranean olive-picking season. Super-dense and heavy, our olive wood logs for fireplaces give a longer burn time, making it an excellent, economical way to heat your home.

If you’re looking for premium kiln dried firewood, try our ready-to-burn Premium Heat Kiln Dried Logs for an easy way to fuel a fireplace. Kiln-dried logs made from beech, oak, and hornbeam offer superior heat without excess toxic fumes, making them ideal for family homes with children and pets.

With Green Olive Firewood, you can quickly start your fire with our Kiln Dried Softwood Dry Logs and Kindling Wood Sticks. After creating your fire, you can add some Hardwood Logs dried to below 20%, which offers an enduring, high-quality burn you can enjoy for hours. Harvested from sustainably managed forests in the UK, you will receive your soft and hardwood logs in convenient barrow bags, making them easy to transport.

Whether you want to heat up your log fire, outdoor stove, pizza oven or campfire, check out our excellent range of sustainable firewood right here today.

Ready to Become Energy Independent?

Save money and help our planet by choosing eco-friendly firewood. Swap gas fires for sustainable energy and enjoy a traditional and timeless way to heat your home. Thanks to Green Olive Firewood, you can stock up on kiln-dried hardwood, softwood, and premium olive logs to get you through the cold winter months. So, check out our complete firewood log collection here to learn more today.


How do I store firewood at home?

Firewood logs are best stored in a well-aerated environment. Ideally, firewood should be kept outdoors under a waterproof roof and suitably stacked in a log store or holder.

How do you dry kiln-dried logs?

As a biomass-approved supplier (BSL), our wood waste is used to fuel our biomass boiler, which heats our kiln drying ovens. This process meets “clean air standards” and is an incredibly sustainable way to dry firewood. We are also a Woodsure ready to burn certified supplier of kiln dried logs. After cutting the wood, it is placed into large metal crates and loaded into the ovens, where warm air slowly circulates around them for around 4 days to withdraw moisture. As a result, we consistently achieve the necessary moisture content below 20% to ensure the best firewood logs for a long-lasting burn.

What volume of firewood do I need?

This depends on the size of the area you wish to ignite and what type of wood you want to use. If you need help deciding, speak to our experts, and we can help you choose the ideal heat logs for your home.

Is burning fire logs bad for the environment?

Burning firewood is highly eco-friendly. In fact, it’s classed as a renewable energy source as the carbon emitted is reabsorbed by newly planted trees. In addition, Green Olive Firewood naturally sources fire logs from sustainable forests with a transparent replanting process so you can confidently use our products without releasing harmful emissions and without detriment to your carbon footprint. Plus, our logs are dense and dry, enabling a slow and efficient burn.

What is the best firewood for a wood-burning stove?

Always build a fire from smaller pieces of lighter firewood to denser, larger pieces. We recommend starting any fire using our natural firelighters and kindling wood sticks, then adding some softwood dry logs. Once you have a good flame and high heat, add some kiln-dried hardwood logs for an efficient burn. This is an excellent choice for wood-burning stoves. For an extended burn time and higher heat output, slowly introduce our Premium Heat Firewood, which is wood such as oak, beech or hornbeam, or our signature olive wood.

What can I use your firewood for?

Our firewood is ideal for wood-burning stoves, open fires, wood stoves, and pizza ovens. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cosy night in front of the fire or get creative with your outdoor cooking, our sustainably-sourced firewood logs are perfect for both. With our kiln-dried hardwood logs and softwood logs, you can enjoy a slow, long-lasting burn. We also have Premium Olive Wood logs that can be used for special occasions or for adding intense heat to your pizza oven.

Do you offer free delivery on your firewood?

We can make free firewood deliveries on orders over £50 to specific postcodes. To check the delivery for your area, you can use our postcode checker here.

What is the best firewood?

Burning firewood is one of the most sustainable energy sources available. Not only does it provide a natural heat source for your home, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint and supports local forests. Our range of firewood offers many specifications, such as fragranced firewood, kiln-dried firewood, hardwood, and softwood firewood, to help you find the best option for your needs.

What are the benefits of kiln-dried logs?

Kiln-dried firewood is always available and ethically sourced, unlike some seasoned or green firewood, which may be scarce or harvested unsustainably. Kiln-dried logs also burn cleaner, longer, and more efficiently than other types of firewood, producing less smoke, soot, and creosote, making this an environmentally friendly alternative.

How much is a bag of logs?

Our bag of log prices start at £10.99 and the price depends on the amount of logs and the type of logs that you require. If you need logs for your home or a busy business, we can accommodate the quantity of soft and hardwood logs to suit your needs. If you need to buy logs in bulk, then please visit our trade page.

How long do heat logs burn for?

If you’re looking to buy logs with sustainable features and a long and consistent burn, then Green Olive Firewood is your ideal log supplier. Our softwood and hardwood logs guarantee hours of burn time and cleaner and more efficient burn results.




Turn up the heat with our premium and sustainable firewood, naturally produced for a longer-lasting burn. The best firewood logs offer a clean and eco-friendly way to keep your home warm while minimising smoke and soot. Our sustainably sourced products are perfect for fireplaces, campfires, and outdoor ovens, giving you a hotter and more efficient fire. So, check out our full range below of firewood and logs for sale and get started today!

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