Sustainable Firewoods

Turn up the heat with our premium and sustainable firewood, naturally produced for a longer-lasting burn. The best firewood logs offer a clean and eco-friendly way to keep your home warm while minimising smoke and soot. Our sustainably-sourced products are perfect for fireplaces, campfires and outdoor ovens, giving you a hotter and more efficient fire. So, check out our full range of firewood below to get started today.

  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

    Ready to Burn Hardwoods Logs; Kiln Dried Below 20% Moisture

    Nets to Bulk Bags

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  • Olive Firewood Logs

    A Dense Longer Burning Wood with Fantastic Aromas

    Nets Bags to 1.5m3

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  • Premium Heat Kiln Dried Logs

    Dense, Long Burning Wood

    Net Bags to 1.68m3

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  • Wood Burner Dry logs

    Ready to Burn Softwoods Below 20% Moisture

    Net Bags

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  • Sustainable Firewood Suppliers UK

    With Green Olive Firewood, you can enjoy a cleaner way to heat your home. So if you want

    a sustainable and cost-effective way to burn fire, try our premium-grade olive wood for fireplaces and outdoor fires.

    Made from Mediterranean olive wood and UK-sourced oak, beech and hornbeam, each log is kiln-dried to ensure moisture levels are below 20%. This gives the firewood an immaculate, longer-lasting burn with vibrant-coloured flames.

    Fully BSL-approved, our firewood kindling is safe and efficient, giving you confidence with every burn.

    Create The Ultimate Roaring Fireplace with Sustainably Sourced Firewood UK

    A fireplace is a perfect way to enhance your home. The central focus of any room, you can gather around on a cold evening with loved ones and enjoy a warm, attractive and aromatic fire. In fact, we use the best firewood to burn for a beautifully-scented fireplace, like beech, oak and olive wood.

    Our olive wood logs are ethically sourced from leftover biomass during the Mediterranean olive-picking season. Super-dense and heavy, our olive wood logs for fireplaces give a longer burn time, making it an excellent, economical way to heat your home.

    If you’re looking for premium firewood, try our ready-to-burn Premium Heat Kiln Dried Logs for an easy way to fuel a fireplace. Kiln dried firewood made from beech, oak, and hornbeam offer superior heat without excess toxic fumes – ideal for family homes with children and pets.

    With Green Olive Firewood, you can quickly start your fire with our Kiln Dried Softwood Dry Logs and Kindling Wood Sticks. After creating your fire, you can add some hardwood logs dried to below 20%, which offers an enduring, high-quality burn you can enjoy for hours. Harvested from sustainably-managed forests in the UK, you will receive your soft and hardwood logs in convenient barrow bags, making them easy to transport.

    Whether you want to heat up your log fire, outdoor stove, pizza oven or campfire, check out our excellent range of sustainable firewood right here today.

    Ready to Become Energy Independent?

    Save money and help our planet by choosing eco-friendly firewood. Swap gas fires for sustainable energy and enjoy a traditional and timeless way to heat your home. Thanks to Green Olive Firewood, you can stock up on kiln dried hardwood, softwood and premium olive logs to get you through the cold winter months. So, check out our complete firewood collection here to learn more today.

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