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Olive Firewood Logs

A Dense Longer Burning Wood with Fantastic Aromas
  • Beautiful aroma
  • Golden flame
  • High heat and extended burn time
  • Loose filled into 30L bags
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Upgrade your fireplace with our Olive Wood logs. Our olive firewood is ethically sourced from biomass waste during the olive-picking season in the Mediterranean, providing a planet-friendly way to heat your home. In addition, these Olive Wood logs are sustainable, super dense and aromatic, giving your fire a long, beautiful burn.

Why You’ll Love Our Olive Firewood Logs

Choose our sustainable olive firewood logs if you want to enjoy superior heat on cold winter nights. Denser than regular firewood, olive wood provides a glowing, golden flame and a beautifully scented aroma for the whole family to enjoyDid you know that switching from gas fires to sustainably sourced olive firewood is an excellent way to contribute to a cleaner world and reduce your carbon footprint? Plus, these BSL-approved Olive Wood logs enable you to safely burn indoors without excess smoke and soot, making them ideal for the family home. Let’s explore some other benefits of our Olive Wood logs: 
  • Longer-lasting burn time
  • Dense wood provides intense heat
  • Irresistible aromatic fire
  • Deep, golden-coloured flames
  • BSL Approved
  • 100% ethically sourced from the Mediterranean olive-pruning season
  • Kiln-dried to under 20% moisture levels 
  • Reduced household energy costs
  • Conveniently packed into attractive bags
  • Ready-to-burn firewood 
  • Ideal for wood burners, chimeneas and outdoor pit fires.
  • Superior heat

Our Eco-Friendly Firewood 

Our Olive Wood is ethically sourced from the Mediterranean region, where an abundance of cut timber is left to rot from the pruning and replanting processes on olive farms. As a result, it is a perfect renewable and carbon-neutral fuel. Plus, these Olive Wood logs have been kiln dried in biomass boilers, fueled with recycled wood waste making our Olive Wood a 100% sustainable fuel source.You’ll be happy to know that our olive fire logs are:
  • 100% ethical & sustainable
  • Packaged in plastic-free bags
  • Sourced from leftover olive wood 

Shipping Information

All our Olive Wood logs are packaged into 30L loose filled net bags. 

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