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Wood Burner Dry logs

Ready to Burn Softwoods Below 20% Moisture
  • Certified Ready to Burn
  • Kiln dried below 20% moisture
  • Lowest particulate omissions
  • Ideal for wood burning stoves
  • Our net bags are 18L
  • Loose volumes are supplied in barrow bags
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With our British kiln dried softwood logs, you can instantly ignite any type of fire, whether it's your chiminea, campfire or wood-burning stove. In fact, these sustainably sourced softwood logs are extra dry, and therefore ideal for use in your wood burning stove.  Giving you a long-lasting beautiful burn and with the lowest particulate omissions too!

Why You’ll Love Our Wood Burner Kiln Dried Softwood Logs

Kiln-dried softwood logs were made to create a hot, enticing fire. They are the ultimate fire starter. Our softwood fire logs are super handy to spark up and build up to a roaring fire. Sustainable-minded customers will be happy to hear our softwood fire logs are produced using ethically sourced wood from UK woodlands. Let’s explore more reasons to love our softwood fire logs:
  • 100% sustainable firewood
  • Lowest particulate omissions when used in a modern wood-burning stove
  • Fast firelighter 
  • All-natural materials
  • High-heat burn
  • Efficient, long-lasting burn
  • Cuts energy costs at home
  • Ethically harvested in the UK
  • BSL approved woodfuel
  • Easy-to-store logs 
  • Available in various sizes to fit multiple fireplaces & stoves

Planet-Friendly Softwood Fire Logs

Green Olive Firewood are on a mission to deliver sustainable energy fuel to homes across the UK, helping them save money - and the planet. Starting with our softwood fire logs, sustainably kiln dried to below 20% moisture, you can create an effortless, slow-burning, glowing fire. Our kiln dried softwood logs are: 
  • 100% ethically sourced in the UK
  • Shipped in recyclable packaging 
  • Helps lower your carbon footprint
  • Lowest particulate matter when burnt in a modern wood burning stove

Shipping & Storage Details

Our shipping is quick and efficient.Our standard net bags are the equivalent of 0.027m3 loose volume or 0,018m3 once stacked.

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Wood Burner Dry logs£10.99£349.00


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