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Big Jacks Chicken Rub

It's All About The Flavour
  • Ramp up your BBQ and Roast Chicken
  • Rub It, Grill It, Taste It
  • 200ml Tub
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 Ramp up your roasted chicken or any other poultry dish by incorporating Big Jacks Chicken Rub. This brothy blend of cayenne pepper, chili powder, stock, and cane sugar offers a harmonious combination that will take your roasted, grilled, or BBQ chicken fare to the finest level.

Rub It, Grill It, Taste It - it's all about the flavour!

Simply sprinkle it generously over the meat and then massage it in with your hands. This method ensures that the flavours penetrate the meat thoroughly, resulting in a dish that is not only delicious but also evenly seasoned.Big Jacks Chicken Rub is designed to enhance the taste of your chicken dishes, so don't hesitate to coat your meat with this flavourful rub, throw it on the grill, and sit back and enjoy the mouth-watering results. Give your poultry a boost of flavour with Big Jacks Chicken Rub today. 

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