Natural Firelighters

Want a faster and more natural way to start your fire? Instantly ignite your fireplace, wood-burning stove, BBQ or campfire with our organic and sustainable firelighters. With organic kindling wood and natural wood wool firelighters, you can enjoy an odourless and non-toxic burn. Just as powerful as regular lighters, our firelighters make sustainable living more accessible than ever. Stock up on the best eco-friendly wooden firelighters online here today.

  • Wood Wool Firelighters

    24 firelighters per box

    Select 3, 6 or 10 Boxes

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    From £14.99

  • Organic Firelighters

    32 firelighters per pack

    Select 6, 12 or 24 Packs

    In Stock

    From £19.99

  • Cricket Refillable Utility Lighter


    Single or 2 pack

    In Stock

    From £9.99

  • Kindling Wood Sticks

    Net Bags

    Select 3 Nets, 3 Grab Bags or 5 Grab Bags

    In Stock

    From £19.99

  • Instant Fire Log

    Individually wrapped

    Select a 5 or 10 Pack of Logs

    In Stock

    From £19.99

  • Fast, Clean & Efficient Firelighters UK

    Beat the cold with our super-fast and natural firelighters. Our premium-grade firelighter range featuring wool-based and wood kindling, allows you to create fast flames indoors and outdoors.

    Zero-chemical firelighters are a fantastic choice for homes thanks to low-odour and non-toxic emissions. In addition, our premium natural firestarters are excellent for grills due to their unscented properties, allowing food to retain full flavour.

    Wood Wool Firelighters are produced from a sustainable blend of wool wood shavings and wax. This means you can experience a cleaner, faster fire start than traditional lighters.

    Try our Organic Firelighters made from sawdust and vegetable wax if you want to light your fire without paraffin or regular lighting fluid.

    The best kindling wood for fireplaces is dried below 20%. Our firestarter kindling wood sticks are made from kiln-dried softwood and have been sustainably harvested from forests around the UK.

    So heat your home sustainably this winter and create a glowing, vibrant fireplace for you and your loved ones.

    Discover Toxic-Free Firelighters for Your Home

    Created using by-products from sustainable UK forests, our natural firelighters are a perfect way to enflame your fireplace, grill or campfire. So, level up your sustainable lifestyle and take control of your household expenses by loading up on the best firewood and kindling available online here at Green Olive Firewood.

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