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Composted Soil Improver Peat Free

  • Peat-free composted soil improver & regenerator
  • Sustainable natural composted matter, meticulously screened to 10mm
  • Enhances soil health, fertility, and structure
  • Can be used as a top layer mulch to suppress weeds & retain moisture
  • Environmentally friendly aids in carbon sequestration
  • Promotes plant growth and releases oxygen
  • Supplied in a 900L bulk bag on a pallet
Sub Total (Incl. VAT): £129.99

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Enhance the health of your soil with our premium peat-free composted soil improver. Made from natural composted matter and meticulously screened to 10mm, our soil improver is of the highest quality.  Increase the fertility and structure of your soil by incorporating our soil improver into it. Alternatively, you can use it as a top layer mulch to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and create vibrant plant borders.  Our environmentally friendly composted green matter not only improves your soil but also aids in carbon sequestration, helping to offset carbon in the atmosphere. This, in turn, promotes plant growth and releases oxygen.  Choose our composted soil improver for a sustainable and effective solution to rejuvenate your soil and create a thriving garden.

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Composted Soil Improver Peat Free£129.99


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