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Premium Heat Kiln Dried Logs

Dense, Long Burning Wood
  • Dense hardwood, high heat output
  • Ready to Burn - below 20% moisture
  • Our net bags are 18L containing 8-12 logs
  • Loose volumes are supplied in barrow bags. Each barrow bag contains around 90-110 logs.
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Premium Kiln Dried Firewood Logs to Heat your Home

Experience a cost-effective solution to keep your home cosy and warm. Our Premium Heat Firewood logs offer an affordable option to slash energy costs during the chilly winter months. Our kiln-dried logs are a blend of heavy hardwoods such as beech, oak, and hornbeam, which provide quick and superior heat like no other. Plus, each log is carefully sourced from sustainably managed woodlands with a strict replanting policy. This means you can enjoy a guilt-free, eco-friendly way to burn and keep your home warm, without sacrificing quality or sustainability.

Why Our Premium Heat Kiln Dried Logs Are the First Choice for Homes

Transform your home heating experience with ethical and sustainable firewood that doesn't break the bank. The Green Olive Firewood Company offers Premium Heat Firewood logs that not only provide warmth, but also a stunning visual spectacle. Our kiln-dried hardwood logs are crafted to perfection with high-density properties that make them slow-burning and easy to ignite, resulting in the perfect roaring flames for your indoor or outdoor heating needs. Plus, by choosing our ethically sourced firewood, you can reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle while enjoying the cosy ambience of a crackling fire.Make a positive impact on the environment and save money with our sustainably sourced, affordable, and high-quality kiln-dried fire logs. By switching from gas and electric fires to our eco-friendly firewood, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner world. We offer a wide range of package sizes to meet all your heating needs, from cosy indoor fireplaces to outdoor campfires. With our premium dried firewood logs, you can enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere in any setting.So what are you waiting for? Choose the Green Olive Firewood Company to feel the heat! Let’s discover some more reasons to love our hardwood fire logs:
  • Minimal moisture - below 20% for optimal ignition conditions
  • Long-burning hardwood mix 
  • Ethically sourced 
  • Affordable kiln-dried logs that are sustainable 
  • Registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)
  • Strong, consistent heat 
  • Toxic free
  • Low smoke & soot emission 
  • Hand cut to 25cm lengths
  • Clean & renewable energy sources for homes & businesses
  • Sustainable kiln drying methods
  • Ideal for open fireplaces & wood burning stoves

Our Premium & Sustainable Kiln Dried Hardwood Heating Logs

The Green Olive Firewood Company is on a mission to provide customers with a fantastic way to reduce their carbon footprint and our Premium Heat Firewood can do just that! We’re proud to offer our customers an affordable and economical solution for indoor and outdoor fire making.To harvest our kiln-dried fire logs we use only sustainably managed woodlands and estates with a clear replanting and felling programme set in place. So you can enjoy high-quality heat without the guilt!Our dried firewood logs are: 
  • Packed in reusable net bags
  • Kiln-dried with renewable biomass fuel 
  • 100% sustainably sourced

Our Premium Heat Dried Hardwood Logs Shipping & Storage Details

Our shipping is fast and efficient, with all hardwood logs for fires being packed in ultra-convenient net bags. Each standard net bag is filled with the equivalent of 0.027㎥ of loose hardwood and approximately 0.018㎥ once stacked. If opting for the loose hardwood option, you will receive your order in separate reusable barrow bags.Barrow bags are a convenient & efficient way to move your firewood logs around your property with ease, using a sack truck or a wheelbarrow. They fit through doorways, garden gates and down the side of alleyways allowing them to be positioned adjacent to your log storage area.


What are the benefits of using kiln-dried firewood logs?

 Kiln-dried firewood logs are a superior option compared to traditional air-dried logs. Kiln-drying process removes excess moisture from the logs, making them burn hotter and cleaner. As a result, you'll experience less smoke, fewer emissions, and a longer burn time. Plus, kiln-dried firewood logs are much easier to ignite, providing you with a hassle-free fire-starting experience. 

What types of wood are used to create Premium Heat Firewood logs?

 At The Green Olive Firewood Company, we source our Premium Heat Firewood logs from sustainably managed UK-based woodlands. Our logs are a blend of heavy hardwoods, including beech, oak, and hornbeam, which are known for their high density and superior heat output. Each log is hand-selected and carefully prepared to ensure consistent quality and optimal performance.  

How can I be sure that the firewood logs are ethically sourced?

We take ethical sourcing seriously at The Green Olive Firewood Company. All of our firewood logs are ethically sourced from sustainably managed woodlands, with a strict replanting policy. We believe in using only the best practices when it comes to sourcing our products, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality, eco-friendly products that they can feel good about using. 

How do I store my premium firewood logs?

Proper storage is crucial to ensure that your premium firewood logs remain in excellent condition. It's best to store them in a dry, covered area, such as a shed or garage. Avoid placing them directly on the ground, as this can cause moisture to build-up and encourage pests. Instead, use a raised rack or pallet to keep them off the ground. Additionally, be sure to store your logs in a way that allows for proper air circulation to prevent mould or fungus growth. 

Can I use premium firewood logs in my wood-burning stove or fireplace?

Yes! Our Premium Heat Firewood logs are perfect for use in wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, or any other wood-burning appliance. They are specifically designed to provide you with a hassle-free burning experience, so you can enjoy a warm and cosy home without any of the hassles. Plus, the superior heat output of our kiln-dried logs means you'll use less wood overall, saving you money in the long run. 

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