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Sustainable British Gourmet Lumpwood

Restaurant Grade Charcoal for the Professional & Home User

  • Sustainable hardwoods such as oak & beech
  • Larger lumps, high heat & great flavour
  • Locally crafted in an ethical way
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Sustainable Gourmet Barbeque Charcoal

It’s all About the Flavour!

Start grilling in style using sustainable lumpwood. It's guaranteed to leave you with a taste to savour. Our sustainable British Gourmet Lumpwood is great for the professional kitchen and the home user, so you can cook with confidence.All of our gourmet charcoal is ethically sourced using no added chemicals and crafted by us on-site with environmentally friendly retorts. We use high-quality hardwoods including beech & oak to create long-burning and heat-radiating charcoal guaranteed to give you a great flavour. The density and size (3-40cm) ensure high temperatures for an extended period of time making it ideal for use in professional kitchens and on home BBQs. You can rest assured that with this product you will get a long and controllable cooking experience.  

British BBQ Charcoal Size Options

Like our firewood, our British charcoal is sold by volume rather than weight. Although we use dense hardwoods to produce our British charcoal, by its nature its light in weight as the heavy water content in the wood has been driven off by the charcoaling process. Especially as we use really efficient & environmentally friendly charcoal retorts to produce the lumpwood resulting in mostly pure charcoal.The same volume of charcoal may be heavier in weight if it contains moisture, accelerants, binders or only partially burnt wood, none of which are desirable!We also offer a variety of multi-buy options packed in 30L big handy bags, saving money the more you buy.  

Grill Like a Professional

We have a range of other charcoal products to suit every customer’s need plus various types of Smokin’ chips to add more flavour to your food. Smoking meat reintroduces the joy of outdoor cooking while also providing a variety of flavours. Smoking meat is just the beginning; once you’ve mastered the technique, you can move on to smoking vegetables, seafood, and even pizza!To stay up to date with everything we do, follow us on Instagram. 


"Is Lumpwood Suitable for First-Time Griller?" Absolutely! As lumpwood charcoal is easy and quick to light, you’ll be able to start the griller in a matter of minutes.If you’ve never used a grill before, you might find the process intimidating. But that doesn’t have to be the case if you know where to start. Our BBQ experts have put together a quick start guide for your BBQ. The first step in the barbecuing process is to load your grill with charcoal. To learn more, check out our step-by-step guide on how to start your charcoal grill!Alternatively, if you want to try something new with your grill this year, why not try our Smokin’ chips and chunks? Here’s a quick and easy guide to getting the most out of your grill while also adding flavour to your food. "Is Lump Wood Charcoal Healthy?" Lumpwood charcoal is the healthiest charcoal to use as it does not contain any additives or chemicals that other charcoals can contain. Because of this, your food will be both healthier to eat and have a richer flavour.    

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