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The Green Olive Firewood Company began when one of the founders came across a pile of waste wood by an Olive farm while in Spain. The locals explained that this waste wood was due to the pruning and replanting of the olive farm and the wood was fantastic for heating and cooking. We tested the wood and were not only astounded by its high heat and long burning properties but also with the fantastic aroma and the mild woody flavour it adds to BBQ foods. On investigation it became clear that the local economy could not utilise all this waste wood and much of it was left to rot. By utilising this wood for fuel it was carbon neutral, or even carbon positive if it replaced the use of fossil fuels. The idea of the Green Olive Firewood Company was born and we began to bring the waste wood to the UK for firewood and outdoor cooking.

Today we still sell an abundance of this fantastic waste wood but have matured to become an ethical supplier of sustainable and natural heating and cooking fuels. We work out of a farm in West Sussex where we now also produce firewood and charcoal with local hardwoods from locally managed woodlands using both our kiln driers that are powered by our farm waste wood, and our zero omission charcoal retort that helps us produce charcoals from our log off-cuts every 10 hours. We are BSL (Biomass Supplier List) approved to provide fuels that comply with the Renewable Heat Incentive.

We have kept our key values for both our business and our products. Those values are to offer quality firewood and cooking fuels that are natural, ethically sourced/produced and sustainable. All our products come with key benefits listed to enable our customers to make an educated choice.

We hope to continue to grow and will keep our core values of natural, ethical, and sustainable as we do so.

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