It’s official, Summer is finally here! And with it comes trips to the beach, campfires and of course summer BBQ parties!

Going to a summer barbecue is always great fun, but have you ever considered throwing your own summer BBQ party? It can be quite stressful. But hopefully with a bit of planning and with our handy summer BBQ checklist, you’ll be able to plan a barbecue party that will be the talk of your neighbourhood!


A BBQ Checklist To Ease Your Fears: Everything You Need To Kickstart Your BBQ

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Are you feeling the pressure of hosting duties, anxiously pacing while asking yourself, “What do I need for a BBQ?” Well, worry not! At Green Olive Firewood, we have curated the ultimate BBQ essentials checklist to assist you in planning your upcoming party. With this all-encompassing guide, you can proactively prepare, guaranteeing a stress-free and delightful summer gathering for all participants.


The BBQ Essentials & Tools Checklist

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What is a BBQ party without the right tools? We’ve put together a great list of all the items needed for a BBQ so you don’t have to worry at the last minute!

– Apron
– Foil
– Spatula
– Grill Fork
– Grill Glove
– Tongs
– Basting Brush
– Towel
– Oil
– Charcoal

BBQ Tip: Make sure to choose the right charcoal for your BBQ as the type you’ll pick will affect the grill time. If this is your first BBQ rodeo then we recommend our instant light lumpwood charcoal. And for the more experienced BBQ masters, we recommend our premium gourmet lumpwood charcoal boasting an impressive burn time and high heat!


The Eating Must-Haves

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A BBQ wouldn’t be a BBQ without a way to eat the delicious food that has been cooked. That’s why this shopping list for your BBQ party includes all the necessary items needed for your guest to enjoy their grilled meals.

– Plates & Bowls
– Napkins
– Serving Bowls
– Tongs & Serving Spoons
– Table Cloth
– Eating Utensils (Forks, Spoons, Knives)

BBQ Advice: At Green Olive Firewood, we are passionate about promoting eco-friendly BBQs and enhancing your grilling adventures. To ensure a guilt-free dining experience at your barbecue gatherings, we strongly encourage the use of eco-conscious eating utensils and plates.

By choosing non-plastic alternatives, we not only enable everyone to relish their meals but also contribute to safeguarding our beloved planet.

The Food Essentials

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Now, let’s dive into the exciting part: the BBQ food selection! A barbecue is never truly complete without delicious dishes, whether they are sizzling on the grill or skillfully crafted to complement the main courses.
To ensure your guests can customise their meals according to their taste buds, it’s important to curate a well-thought-out BBQ food list. While our list serves as a helpful guide, don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity and personalise it to create a truly unique and satisfying BBQ feast!

On The Grill
– Steak
– Beef Burgers
– Spare Ribs
– Sausages
– Hot Dogs
– Pork Chops
– Chicken Breast
– Salmon
– Lamb
– Shrimp
– Corn on the cob
– Asparagus
– Potato
– Portobello Mushrooms
– Pineapple
– Bell Peppers
– Onions


Off The Grill
– Potato Salad
– Pasta Salad
– Coleslaw
– Green Salad
– Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns
– Ketchup/Mayo

Pro BBQ Advice: If you’re lost for choice on what delicious foods to cook then check out our handy guide on easy barbecue recipes. Give your guests’ tastebuds a pleasant surprise at your next BBQ party.


The Drinks Must-Haves

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What summer BBQ list would be complete without drinks? On a hot summer’s day, you’ll need plenty of water and a selection of other beverages to help keep your guests hydrated.

– Water
– Lemonade
– Fruit Juices
– Fizzy Drinks
– Beer/Wine Or Cocktails
– Ice & Cooler

Safety & BBQ Set-Up Essentials

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When it comes to getting items for a BBQ, set up and safety items are often forgotten or overlooked as they have nothing to do with food. Make sure you have these bbq essentials on hand to ensure the comfort, entertainment and safety of your bbq party guests!

– Garden Chairs
– Garden games
– First Aid Kits
– Suncream
– Bug Spray
– Torches, Lanterns Or Sting Lights
– Fire Extinguisher


Preparing For The Perfect Summer BBQ Party!

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Now that we have addressed the question, “What do I need for a BBQ?”, let’s delve into some important preparations to consider before your summer BBQ party. We will provide insights into common queries such as the timing of food purchases, cooking durations for various items, and garden preparation.

When it comes to buying food for your BBQ, it is advisable to purchase your BBQ items relatively close to the event date, ensuring they remain fresh and of high quality. Acquiring them just a few days in advance would work well.

To save time, certain foods like salads can be prepared ahead of time, while meats can be seasoned the night before, streamlining your BBQ experience for smoother execution.

When cooking your food, it is also important to carefully consider the ingredients and their respective cooking times. Meats and fish generally require longer cooking times compared to vegetables. Therefore, it is essential to factor this in when planning the order of cooking so your guests aren’t left waiting for their main dish.

Lastly, your BBQ guests will appreciate a pleasant dining area to enjoy their freshly prepared BBQ meals. Ensure that any garden furniture or items are clean and well-maintained. Consider the overall appearance of your garden and determine if a quick tidy-up is necessary to enhance your guests’ experience.

Fire Up Your BBQ Party With Green Olive Firewood!

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Congratulations on reaching the end of this article! We trust that you now have a comprehensive BBQ checklist and all the necessary tools to prepare for an unforgettable barbecue party for your guests.

Remember if you need organic and natural charcoals or firefighting tools to ignite a magnificent flame, look no further than Green Olive Firewood. Our extensive selection awaits you, so explore it today and acquire everything you need for a truly memorable BBQ gathering.