When considering the best way to heat your home, there is no doubt that cost plays an important role. Especially with electric prices on the rise. If you are considering making the big switch to an open fireplace or wood burner in your home, you may be wondering whether burning firewood will save you money? 

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting next to an open fire. So there is no surprise that so many homeowners are now installing wood burners into their homes. To answer a long story short, yes, investing in a wood burner does save you money in the long run. Wood fuels are far cheaper than gas and electric. Keep reading to find out the other benefits of switching to firewood. 

Does Having a Firewood Burner Save You Money?

The initial cost of installing an open fireplace or a wood burner can be daunting to most with them being a little bit on the expensive side. You can expect to pay anywhere between £1000 to £1500 for purchase and installation fees. But don’t let the upfront cost scare you off. You will soon make your money back from the money you will save by making the switch. 

You may be wondering whether it would be cheaper to get an electric fireplace. After all the cost of installation on them is next to nothing. However, whilst an electric fireplace costs less, the running cost is significantly higher than a wood burner. Similarly, gas fireplaces are cheaper than electric, but gas is still more expensive than firewood. As wood fuels are a lot cheaper, it makes the overall running cost of a wood burner cheaper. This is where you make your money back in the long run. 

Depending on only gas and electricity comes with the disadvantage of being tied into an energy supplier who could increase your bills every year, which is what we are seeing a lot of currently. The great thing about using firewood to warm up your home is that you’re not completely tied to an energy contract, and can limit the amount of gas and electricity you choose to use. 

The key to cutting costs by using firewood is to make sure you choose the right wood fuel for your home.  

Finally, wood-burning stoves have a high heat output, making them extremely energy efficient. With our range of firewood products, you can expect a heat source that warms up the whole home quickly and efficiently. Not only this, but you do not need to use a huge amount of firewood to achieve this, meaning less energy is wasted, which is great for your pocket but also great for the environment. 

Why Choose Green Olive?

The key to cutting costs by using firewood is to make sure you choose the right wood fuel for your home. At The Green Olive Firewood Company, we stock a diverse range of firewood and charcoal products. Our wood fuels are all Biomass Supplier List approved and authorised for use in appliances that qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. Our firewood and heat logs are also certified under the ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme administered by Woodsure.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical, sustainable and reliable firewood business, providing our customers with premium quality wood. To find out more about our firewood range, visit our website!

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