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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Heating

How Should I Store My Logs?

How Do You Dry The Kiln Dried Logs?

What Volume Of Wood Do I Need?

Can I Burn Logs In A Smoke Controlled Area?

Is Burning Logs Bad For The Environment?

What Does Hardwood Mean?

What Does Loose And Stacked Volume Mean?

BBQ Grilling

Are Your Charcoal Products Completely Natural And Are There Any Additives?

How Do You Light Charcoal?

How Do I Know When It’s Safe To Cook On The Charcoal?

Do You Sell Restaurant Grade Charcoal?

What Charcoal Should I Use For Long And Slow Cooks?

What’s The Difference Between Lumpwood Charcoal And Charcoal Briquettes?

How Do I Use The Smokin’ Chips And Chunks?


Do You Deliver On Specific Days?

How Can I Recycle The Packaging?

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Can I Collect From You?

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