Are you thinking of investing in a pizza oven for your garden this year? Our Kindling Wood Sticks could be the answer you are looking for on where to start. Outdoor pizza ovens are extremely popular now, offering restaurant quality from the comfort of your own home. However, one of the recurring setbacks to getting a pizza oven is that people are not entirely sure how to use them. Put your mind at rest before we carry on. Pizza ovens are easy to use once you know what you are doing. 

How Do You Use a Pizza Oven?

Before you attempt to use a pizza oven for the first time, you need to cure the pizza oven properly to ensure the oven dome does not crack when you fire it up. Each pizza oven will come with its own instructions for curing for the first time. The process typically involves lighting a small fire, and gradually building up the fire over five days. Be sure to check your instruction manual before you get started. 

What is the Best Wood for Pizza Oven?

When choosing your firewood for a pizza oven, you need to pick one that produces high heat and low smoke. This makes hardwoods a more appropriate option as opposed to softwoods. Many cooks love the Mediterranean aroma of our Olive Firewood Logs. The density of our logs means that they burn much longer than most woods here in the UK. All our Olive Firewood is sourced ethically from the Mediterranean region where there is an abundance of waste wood just left to rot.

Guide to Lighting a Pizza Oven with Kindling Wood Sticks

  1. First, open the door of your pizza oven and the vent that controls the chimney smoke.
  2. Place some of our kindling wood sticks in the centre of the oven, three or four will do the job to start. 
  3. Light your match and carefully light the kindling sticks, stand back and allow them to fully catch fire. 
  4. Once the kindling has started to burn, start to add your olive firewood logs three small-sized logs should do the trick.
  5. Now that you have done this you need to wait for the pizza dome to turn black, this is nothing to worry about it is just smoke being produced by the fire and will notice the firewood turning white. 
  6. Keep adding in firewood to grow the fire across the full floor of the pizza oven, this will help to distribute the heat. 
  7. Allow the temperature to increase within the pizza oven, you will start to notice the dome turning from black to white. Move the fire with appropriate tools to make sure all the wood is burning, at this point, the temperature should be around 350-400°C.
  8. Now that the oven is up to temperature, close the smoke control. This will help to keep the heat in.
  9. Once the flames have calmed down, move the members to the sides of the oven to make space for your delicious food. 
  10. The oven should now be ready to cook your food! With our kindling wood sticks and olive, firewood logs your pizza oven should stay hot for at least two hours! Perfect for cooking multiple pizzas or slow cooking. 

Things to Take away

So now that you have learnt the basics of cooking in a pizza oven you are ready to go! Remember to get a good fire going you need to have the right products; our kindling wood sticks are perfect for getting your fire going quickly and sustainably and our ethically sourced olive firewood logs will keep your fire burning for hours. To stay up to date with everything we do and for helpful tips, follow us on Instagram and Twitter!