Knowing how to store firewood outside in winter is important for ensuring you have a reliable, consistent supply of fuel to use. Whether you are stocking up for the cold months or simply need to keep wood nearby for outdoor fires and barbecues, proper firewood storage techniques are essential to protect your firewood from moisture.


Why is it Important to Know How to Store Your Firewood Correctly During Winter Months? 

Storing firewood properly outside in the winter is an important step to ensuring a reliable, safe supply of fuel to heat your home. 


Dry wood burns more efficiently than wet wood. Properly stored firewood ensures that it remains dry, allowing it to ignite more easily and produce more heat. Wet or damp firewood not only burns less efficiently but also produces more smoke and toxic fumes, which can be harmful to you and the environment.


Correctly stored firewood burns for a longer duration and better heat dispersion. This is important, especially during the winter months when you want a consistent and lasting heat source.


Knowing how to store firewood outside in winter is important, as when burned efficiently, the wood provides more heat, reducing the amount of fuel you need to burn. This can result in cost savings on winter firewood purchases.


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5 Tips for How To Store Firewood Outside in Winter


1. Choose a Dry Location

Before you begin stacking wood, choose an ideal location for your firewood stack that is at least 20 feet away from your home’s front door and other structures to prevent potential fire hazards. It should be dry and sheltered from the wind and rain. Make sure there is enough space for air to flow around the logs, as good air circulation helps keep the logs dry. Wet firewood won’t burn well and can be a fire hazard.


2. Stack It Properly

Stacking firewood correctly also ensures it stays dry. Start by laying several logs in a row, then stack two more rows on top with the ends alternating. This will help provide stability and support for the wood. As you are stacking firewood, make sure to leave enough space between each layer and the next. Stacking your logs in rows and leaving gaps between them will help air flow between the logs and keep them dry.


3. Shield Your Firewood – Use a log store with a rainproof lid but ensure that the sides are well ventilated. This storage methods not only deter excess moisture, insect infestation, and direct exposure from the elements but also maintain the quality and efficiency of your firewood.


4. Store Firewood Off the Ground

To keep your firewood dry throughout the winter months, it is important to store it off the ground and in low-lying areas. Place it on a raised platform or pallets to keep it elevated. This will help keep moisture away from the wood and prevent it from rotting.


5. Use a Secure Outbuilding

Buying or building a suitable location, such as a wood shed or a well-aired place, can keep your firewood dry and safe from the bad weather. This can make your firewood last longer. Pick a place that can provide proper airflow, has adequate protection, and has no water problems. Also, make sure that the firewood is a few inches away from the structure to maximise airflow and ventilation.


Follow this Guidance for Efficient Wood Burning!

Following these tips will help you store firewood outside in the winter effectively and efficiently. Providing optimal storage conditions will not only ensure you have fuel for the cold months, but it can also help extend the life of your wood and keep it dry throughout the season.


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