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BBQ Smoking Bundle

Fire up your BBQ with long burning searing heat and smoky flavours.

Bundle contains:
Premium Gourmet Lumpwood (2 Bags)
Olive Wood Smokin' Chunks 5L
Oak Brandy Smokin' Chips 3L
Kindling Wood Sticks (1 Net)
Organic Firelighters (32 Lighters)

Everything you need to get your BBQ glowing with heat, plus give your food that lovely smoky flavour.

Sub Total (Incl. VAT): £50.00

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Everything you need to get your BBQ glowing with heat, plus give you food that lovely smoky flavour.

Our BBQ Smoking Box bundle is perfect for all your grilling needs. Inside, you will find two bags of our Premium Gourmet Lumpwood charcoal, each weighing around 5.5-6kg. This charcoal is of the highest quality, as it is restaurant grade and made from hardwood. This means that it will provide you with high heat, a long burn time, and those delicious traditional BBQ flavours that we all love. But that's not all! We wanted to take your grilling experience to the next level, so we have also included some natural Oak Brandy Smokin' Chips and Olive Smokin' Chunks. These wood chips and chunks will add a unique and smoky flavour to your food, enhancing the overall taste and aroma. Simply soak them, place them on the charcoal, and let the magic happen as they infuse your food with their delightful flavours. Starting your BBQ is made easy as we have included a pack of Organic Firelighters and a bag of Kindling Wood Sticks in our BBQ box bundle. These firelighters contain 32 fire lighting blocks, ensuring a clean and chemical-free ignition for your charcoal. Say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to a hassle-free BBQ experience. With our BBQ Box bundle, you'll have everything you need to cook like a pro. Soak, smoke, sear, and enjoy the incredible flavours that our bundle has to offer.

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