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Pizza & Fire Pit Bundle

Aroma filled Cooking firewood hardwood logs perfect for Pizza ovens and fire-pits.

Bundle Contains :
Cooking Firewood Logs (5 nets)
Kindling Wood Sticks (1 net)
Organic Firelighters (32 lighters)

Everything you need to get your Pizza Oven or Fire Pit roaring....

Sub Total (Incl. VAT): £59.99

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Pizza / Fire Pit Bundle

Everything you need to get your Pizza Oven or Fire Pit roaring

Our Pizza & Firepit kit is designed to provide you with everything you need for a perfect outdoor cooking experience. Inside the kit, you will find 5 nets of our specially selected cooking firewood. This firewood is a blend of dense hardwood logs that is certified kiln dried, ensuring optimal performance in pizza ovens and firepits. The hardwood logs in our kit are not only high in energy but also rich in flavour, making them ideal for cooking delicious pizzas. With these logs, you can easily maintain the perfect temperature in your pizza oven, allowing you to achieve that crispy crust and gooey cheese that everyone loves. Moreover, the logs are excellent for generating high heat output, keeping you and your guests warm and cosy around the firepit. To help you get your fire started quickly and easily, we have included a net bag of Kindling Wood Sticks in the kit. Additionally, our Organic Firelighter packs contain 32 clean and chemical-free firelighter blocks, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly way to ignite your fire. With our Pizza & Firepit kit, you can enjoy hassle-free outdoor cooking while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends.

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Pizza & Fire Pit Bundle£59.99


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