Swedish fire logs, or Canadian candles, provide the easiest and most versatile way to start an outdoor fire. They are simple to transport due to them being so light to carry. Your fire can be lit even on snow and icy surfaces because the flames don’t touch the ground. Not to mention they are easy to light thanks to their four vents and integrated fire lighter. And to top it all off, since they burn from the inside out, it is possible to use the top of the log as a useful cooking surface. What’s not to love?

Here’s everything you need to know about Swedish fire torches, including how they simplify outdoor fire lighting.

What is a Swedish Torch?

Swedish logs are a form of self-feeding wood fuel made up of four vertical slits cut into a short hardwood log. As warm air surges to the top and cold air draws in from below, the slits create a chimney effect. As a result of the log burning from the inside out, you can use the top to prepare meals.

At The Green Olive Firewood Company, we make our Swedish torches from only the best kiln-dried firewood. Our Large Swedish torches are 25cm in height with a diameter of 17-25cm and will burn for an average of 2 hours. Whilst our Tall Swedish Torches are 45cm in height with a diameter of 17-25cm, with an impressive average burn time of 3 hours. We incorporate an all-natural fire starter into their core to make lighting them as simple as possible and remove any hassle. Each of our logs has a perfectly flat surface top that is ideal for placing pots and pans on for the best outdoor cooking experience. 

All of our cut log Swedish Torches are pre-cut meaning there is no need for chainsaws on DIY cutting to get a single log for your fire. Simply place the logs in a log cabin or similar container with airflow to keep the logs dry and ready for your next camp cooking session.

Where Did the Swedish Torch Get its Name From?

Swedish Torches, also known as Swedish Candles and Swedish Fire Logs, got their name from the Swedish Army, who created them first. During the Thirty Years’ War (1618 to 1648), the original army design was introduced as a versatile, lightweight heat source that could be quickly lit in any weather. The creation was a resounding success. It was much simpler to transport Swedish torches than regular firewood. They can be lit on the wet ground thanks to the distinctive centre of the log design (and even snow). Additionally, the top cooking surface made it simpler than ever to prepare hot meals, which was crucial in winter warfare.

Armed forces from all over the world soon began to imitate the design for bushcraft and usage off grid. Adventurers, explorers, and campers all adopted the design for traditional campfires over the ensuing centuries. They are now frequently used by people who enjoy being outside and having garden parties thanks to their versatility.

How Do Swedish Torches Work?

You can light a Swedish torch log by following these simple hacks:

  1. Locate a secure area to light your fire.
  2. Put your Swedish Torch somewhere stable where it won’t likely tip over such as a rocket stove.
  3. To ignite the centre fire lighter, use a long match or lighter with kindling or tinder to help the flame catch.
  4. To give the flames more air, gently blow into the centre of your Swedish Torch.
  5. When the Swedish Torch is nicely blazing, you can start cooking on it or just relax and take in the warmth of the fire pit or BBQ.

It’s that easy and it is much better for the environment than a disposable BBQ. To find out more about how our products can help you be more eco-friendly, visit our website, read our tutorials or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get our latest updates on offers!