The nights are dark, and the days are cold. But why should you give up on having a BBQ in winter? Just because the season has changed, it doesn’t mean you cannot host a warming winter BBQ using our premium restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal to warm up your nearest and dearest. 

Though Christmas is nearly here, you can still try something new this festive season. We have put together a few tips on how to host the perfect winter BBQ that will leave your family full of warming food and winter delight.

BBQ Positioning

One of the biggest obstacles stopping enthusiastic grillers from braving a winter BBQ is the freezing weather. Whoever decides to tackle the grill outside is in for some serious shivers; repositioning your BBQ could solve this problem. It could be as easy as moving your BBQ a few steps closer to your backdoor but remember to consider the direction of the wind. 

Use the Right Tools

Barbecuing in the winter seasons can be tricky. Therefore, it is crucial to use lumpwood charcoal that burns for longer and cookware that helps trap the heat. Our premium professional lumpwood charcoal burns for longer at a consistently high temperature for a more stable cooking experience. To find out more about our lumpwood charcoal, click here. We recommended using ceramic cookware as it keeps your food warm and ready to eat whether it is inside or out! 

While winter BBQs can be a lot of fun, they are not as easy to set up as they are in the summer. Starting a fire outside in the winter can be difficult, especially on a windy day. A rolled-up piece of newspaper just won’t do the job, so you might want to consider using one of our organic and natural firelighters. They work as good as traditional firelighters without the smell of lighting fluid or paraffin! 

Stick to the Basics (at least for now)

When holding a winter BBQ, it is best to keep the menu simple. Go for foods that will cook quickly, such as burgers, sausages and vegetables, meaning you are not out in the cold for too long. Finally, do not forget to get your BBQ going in advance; it is colder outside, meaning it will take longer for your BBQ to get going. 

Luckily, thanks to today’s technology, nothing is off limits or out of season. The food you enjoy in summer is still found on the shelves of your local grocery stores in winter. But there’s no reason why you can’t go online and look at what winter recipes are out there, so why not experiment? 

Wrap up 

Before venturing out in the cold, it is important to wrap up warm, preferably a big coat and scarf. If gloves are required, go for fingerless, so you have the full movement of your hands when cooking. It is also a good idea to inform your guests to wrap up warm if you plan for people to eat outside. However, sometimes your guests will not be able to keep warm if the temperature plummets, so if it is safe to do so, head inside and enjoy the taste of all your hard work!

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