A crackling fire can warm your body and soul, but an ethically sourced fire can also help save the planet! 

How to Build a Fire

We now find ourselves living in a world of gas furnaces and electricity, which takes its toll on the environment for the benefit of being cost-effective. However, with our natural fuel sources, the modern-day man can learn how to start a fire without flipping a switch.


Here at Green Olive Firewood, our naturally sourced firewood and firelighters work as good as traditional firelighters, without the smell of the lighting fluid or paraffin. With no chemical aroma’s, our products are perfect for the open fire to the stove for cooking. 


While building a fire in a fireplace may seem relatively easy, there are a few tricks on making the process safer and sustainable. To find out how to build your ethically sourced fire using our premium quality fire logs and lighters, follow these simple steps. 



Step 1: 


First, use your fireplace shovel or a dustpan and brush to clear away the ashes from your previous fire. Cleaning out your fireplace will preserve its beauty whilst ensuring it is fully functioning.

Step 2: 


Secondly, make sure you open your fireplace flue or damper, usually located inside your fireplace as a lever chain or handle. Adjusting the damper allows you to burn a fire safely and efficiently; ensure that it is fully open before lighting a fire and it should remain open when the fireplace is in use. Close the damper when the fireplace is no longer in use and has cooled down. 

Step 3:


Place two of your sustainable burning wood logs parallel to one another inside the fireplace. Creating the base for your fire, why not try our premium oak firewood logs?


Our premium oak logs are extremely dense, giving you superior heat. We cut our logs into 20-25cm logs so that they will suitably burn in most open fires and wood burners. 

Step 4: 


Next, twist up some old newspaper and arrange it in a nest between the two logs you just placed down. If your fire has a steel grate, you can place newspaper beneath the grate. Place one of our Kindling Wood Sticks on top of the newspaper, finding the smallest wood stick you can, then place larger kindling wood stick on top of the two parallel oak logs. This will create a bridge appearance. If you don’t have any smaller pieces, consider splitting some of the logs in half. 

Step 5:


Finally, it is important to ensure the wood logs have some space between them, as the ventilation is what will deliver oxygen into the fire. Once everything is in, it is time to ignite your fire, using our natural wood wool firelighters for an easy to light and long-lasting burn to get your ethically sourced fire burning. 


After all the steps are complete, sit back and enjoy the warmth of the fire with friends and family. Remember to keep safe this winter by resisting the urge to use gasoline or combustible liquids when starting a fire in a fireplace, this is extremely dangerous as well as not being eco-friendly. 

Need Help?


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