When it comes to grilling, you’re likely to get different advice from each person you speak with. Some will advise you to only use a gas grill, while others will advise you to use charcoal briquettes. Some people grill with wood chips, while others use smokers. One thing we can all agree on is that fire makes meat taste so much better than an oven or microwave.


Grilling requires a high level of skill. You rarely get it right the first time. It is a practice that you will never be able to perfect. The “right way” to grill is divided into two categories. Wood and charcoal. Here are some pointers on how to use our charcoal briquettes for your summer grilling.


Clean Your Grilling Area

If the grill has recently been used, the process starts with removing excess ash from the bottom of the BBQ grill. This will help to improve airflow through your grill. Also, if your grill appears to have a lot of sticky stuff on it from previous cooking, run them under hot water and scrub them down with steel wool. 


Stack Your Charcoal Briquettes 

The briquettes are then placed on the grill. Take note of the two racks, these are important. The smaller one is at the grill’s base and holds the coals. The food is kept in the top one. The different grill racks should be obvious depending on what model you have. The ideal amount of charcoal briquettes will cover the entire bottom grill in a single layer. Some overlap is acceptable. When you have enough coals on the grill, pile more on top of this foundation. Don’t forget to check that the vents on the bottom of your grill are open.


It takes skill to stack the coals. To achieve an even light, one should maximise heat channelling through the stack. You intend to construct a tall pyramid in the centre of the grill. This will increase efficiency. 


Light em up

It’s time to light it once you’ve added the appropriate number of natural firelighters. Keep in mind that you are building a fire, so begin at the bottom on the opposite side of where you are standing. This keeps your arm from burning. Light the pyramid’s base, then stand back and enjoy the fire.


Bear in mind that the fire will go out in a matter of seconds. This is not to say that the coals did not light. The purpose of charcoal is to allow the embers to smoulder. If you look at the coals, you should notice that they are turning white as they burn. You might even notice a red glow coming from inside your pyramid. When the majority of the coals have turned white, it is time to spread them out.


Spread the Charcoal Briquettes 

Distribute the coals evenly across the grill’s surface. You want an even heat and, ideally, no flame-ups. Cooking will be more even if the coals are distributed evenly. Now is the time to sterilise the top grill. Assuming it has been used at least once, this helps burn off any bacteria left over from the previous grill sesh.


Place the grill over the coals and shut the lid to sterilise it. Allow about ten minutes for the grill to heat up. To remove excess char from the grill, use a grill brush. You are now ready to add your meat or food.


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