Enjoy hours of late evening entertainment without having to construct and maintain a traditional campfire. Instead, start a nice fire with a single log, also known as a Swedish Torch and Canadian Candle. What better reason to mark the end of summer than by gathering around a campfire with loved ones, singing songs, and marshmallow roasting? The logs are even light enough to take backpacking to enjoy the warm days.  You assume a lot of responsibility when you throw a garden bonfire, from chopping logs in the afternoon to utilising them to feed the fire all night. Thankfully, there is a simpler method that will spare you from dealing with all that kindling; it just needs one log, tinder and some starter fuel.

The History of the Swedish Torch

Ingenious heating and cooking techniques were employed by the Swedish Army during the Thirty Years’ War, which lasted from 1618 to 1648. Nearly 400 years later, the Swedish fire torch or single-log configuration is still simple to light and considerably simpler to operate. There’s no need to stack sticks or continually feed the fire while worrying about containing the flames, unlike a traditional campfire. Here, the fire burns inside the log, reducing your workload and allowing you more time to serve s’mores.

About Our Swedish Torches

A Swedish fire log can meet all of your requirements in a single log. The firelighter is hidden in the hole at the top of the firewood, and when lit, it creates an instant bonfire with controlled burning. Our torches can be used for a variety of purposes, including lighting for events, parties, weddings, campfires, and all outdoor fire cooking. They are a great option for prolonging those summer or spring evenings that you don’t want to end, sat around a fire pit or enjoying a BBQ with friends.

The Benefits of a Swedish Torch

One of the most effective ways to start a fire is using a Swedish log because they are both highly practical and have minimal maintenance. The log’s placement produces a directional flame that burns gradually from the inside out. The spaces between the logs serve as a continuous ventilation system, and the design is self-feeding and burns from the top down. A Swedish fire torch can burn for several hours without needing any maintenance or new fuel.

To cook over a conventional campfire, one must typically wait until the wood has been reduced to embers, which can take several hours. About 20 minutes after being lit, a Swedish torch stove with a single-directional flame is ready for use. For cooking, its rounded top creates a wide, level surface. You can set a tea kettle or a sizeable frying pan on top of the fire torch, depending on its diameter.

Swedish Torch: A Complete Campfire

Although there is nothing wrong with a traditional campfire in the shape of a log home, star, or tepee, it’s difficult to match the usefulness and effectiveness of a Swedish Torch. You can tell stories over the campfire or just unwind after the fire is created without having to constantly tend it or add fuel. And unlike other bonfire kinds, the Swedish torch’s spherical flat top makes it the ideal place to rest a frying pan or tea kettle.

How Do You Put Out a Swedish Torch?

A Swedish torch fire can be put out by pouring water and earth over the embers until there is no longer any smoke, which signifies that the fire has been put out. Give it another soaking in water and mud once it has stopped smoking as a precaution.

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