The Swedish torch first came into existence thanks to soldiers in the 17th century during their 30-year war. Firewood was in short supply, meaning soldiers had to be creative with conserving wood and supplying heat and light. 

The hole at the top of the firewood has a firelighter in, and when lit, creates an instant bonfire with controlled burning. Our torches have a multitude of possible uses, providing lighting for events, parties, campfires & cooking. 

You might be wondering what the benefits are of a Swedish Torch in the modern-day? After all, you can easily pick up a disposable BBQ or a flashlight. Here at The Green Olive Firewood Company, being ethical and sustainable is in our DNA. We want to make the planet as green as possible; by purchasing one of our Swedish logs or any of our products, you are one step closer to saving our planet! 

Here are some of the benefits of a Swedish Torch.

Long-Lasting Flame 

As mentioned before, the main benefit to owning a Swedish torch is how efficient they are at producing heat. The vertical cut inside the log means once lit, the embers produced by the fire fall back inside, allowing it to keep burning for longer. The cuts in the firewood provide a source of ventilation which enables the log to burn from inside out. 

Our large Swedish torch will burn for an average of two hours, and our tall Swedish torch can burn for an average of three hours. They make a great atmosphere for events or outdoor parties! One of the great benefits of a Swedish torch is that you can use them all year round.

A Swedish torch is Self-Sufficient

A Swedish log requires little to no maintenance once lit. The fire maintains itself by burning from the inside out, meaning you can focus on enjoying your outdoor evening. 

Another benefit is that since the source of heat comes from a single log, it is very self-contained and easier to control than a traditional open fire, making them perfect for first-time campers. 

It’s Not Just a Torch

Originally designed for the Swedish army, the torches still highlight how functional they are even in the modern world. Not only are they a great source of heat and light, but they can also be used as an outdoor cooking tool. Whether you want to boil some water or toast marshmallows, the torch has you covered. 

Our Swedish torches can accommodate all your needs in just a single log. Using such a moderate amount of wood for an extended burn also means the Swedish fire logs are more eco-friendly than alternatives such as gas or disposable BBQs. 

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