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Wood Burner Bundle

Everything you need to make the perfect fire for your wood burner or fireplace.

Bundle Contains :
Wood Burner Dry Logs (5 nets)
Kindling Wood Sticks (1 net)
Organic Firelighters (32 lighters)

everything you need to make the perfect fire for your wood burner or hearth.
Sub Total (Incl. VAT): £59.99

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Wood Burner Bundle

Get the home fires burning with everything you need to make the perfect fire

Our Wood Burner Package includes all the essentials to ensure that your wood burner fire is not only efficient but also capable of heating your home effectively. The wood fuels provided in this bundle are kiln dried and certified, guaranteeing that they are ready to burn and will provide you with a clean and efficient burn time. Moreover, these wood fuels offer a high calorific output, ensuring that your wood burner generates a significant amount of heat. In this package, you will receive 5 net bags of British Wood Burner Dry Logs, with each bag containing 8-12 logs. Additionally, we have included a net bag of Kindling Wood Sticks to help you easily start your fire. To further assist you, we have also included our Organic Firelighter packs, which consist of 32 firelighter blocks that are clean and free from any harmful chemicals. With this comprehensive Wood Burner Bundle, you can enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable experience while keeping your home warm and cosy.

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Wood Burner Bundle£59.99


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