The Swedish torch was invented by soldiers in the 17th century during their 30-year war. Because firewood was scarce, soldiers had to be resourceful in terms of preserving wood while providing heat and light. As a result, this made the Swedish torch an excellent and sustainable choice, even today.


The firelighter is hidden in the hole at the top of the firewood, and when lit, it creates an instant bonfire with controlled burning. Our torches can be used for a variety of purposes, including lighting for events, parties, campfires, and cooking. They are a great option for prolonging those summer or spring evenings that you don’t want to end.


They are not only a great source of heat and light, but they can also be used as a tool for outdoor cooking. The torch is useful for a variety of tasks, including boiling water and toasting marshmallows. Our Swedish torches can meet all of your requirements in a single log. Because the Swedish torch logs use such a small amount of wood for such a long burn, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas and disposable BBQs.


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